Pakketpartner REST API

Pakketpartner API documentatie is enkel beschikbaar in het Engels.


We use HTTP Basic Auth for authentication. Use your API key as username and leave the password blank. (Password will be ignored.)


API is available on

Rate limit

Basic rate limit is in place. Responses will have a X-RateLimit-Limitheader, showing the number of requests left in this time frame. When you hit the rate limit, we will give a 429 Too Many Requests status.

At this moment the limit is 60 requests per minute.


Date Change
17 June 2020 Pakketpartner will stop supporting these outdated security protocols: TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1.
14 February 2020 Added products to create shipment method
15 November 2019 Added example error response to create shipment method
Added support for sending separate first and last name field to create shipment method
Added Pickup point endpoint
9 May 2018 Added multi collo to create shipment method
28 February 2018 Added print option to create shipment method
26 February 2018 Added Senders endpoint